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Smarter City Development with

managed growth our City leads.

Protect and Assist Small Businesses

for thriving restaurants and retail.

Strengthen our Neighborhoods

to preserve community character.

Improve Traffic and Walkways

for a safe and convenient City.

Prioritize Educational Quality

and reduce school overcrowding.

Repair our City Governance

to get better value for taxes we pay.

Preserving Our Rockville Community

Rockville is a vibrant, livable city.  We have excellent services, attractive parks, and active residents.  We are hailed as one of the “Best Places to Live”, one of the “Best Cities for Families”, and one of the “Best Places to Retire.”  The reason we live, raise families, and retire here, is because of who we are, and our community character.

There is much to do in Rockville.

Growth is happening, and development is needed… however, towering, dense-development led by out-of-town developers is not what we need.

We need people with the right skills. People with ‘real world’ executive leadership experience, who understand complex issues, and will work to ensure less-dense development that complements and strengthens our neighborhoods, schools, and community.

While I have degrees in Public Administration, Law, and Management, and more than 20 years of relevant ‘real world’ experience solving complex challenges in diverse environments with hundreds of businesses and nonprofits, and six city governments, the important part is… I bring people to the table, develop reliable solutions, and ensure the right things get done the right way, every time, as promised.

I am a determined advocate for you, and place residents, neighborhoods, and schools first.

… your wishes, not mine.

It would be my honor and privilege to represent you on Rockville City Council.

Patrick Schoof for Rockville City Council Card_BACK_D4

 This is the reverse-side of my postcard.    Thank you all for your generous support!

Rockville’s residents agree…


Overall quality of life in Rockville is good to excellent


Rockville is a good to excellent place to raise children


Our overall quality of neighborhoods is good to excellent


Rockville sense of community is good to excellent


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Leaders Support Patrick Schoof for Rockville City Council

Mayor Bridget Donnell Newton


Beryl Feinberg, CouncilMember


Former Rockville Mayors

James Coyle

Douglas Duncan

Larry Giammo

Steven Van Grack


Former Rockville Councilmembers

John F. Hall, Jr.

Jim Marrinan


Rockville Planning Commissioners

Don Hadley

Jack Leiderman

Charles Littlefield

Gail Sherman

Dion Trahan


Rockville Community Leaders

Richard and Cathy Berman

Marika Brown

Dennis Cain

Margaret Chao

Warren Crutchfield

Fran Hawkins

Jack Gelin

Chas Hausheer

Frank Heneghan

Joe Jordon

Victoria McMullen

Drew Powell

Shabori Sen and Tara Tripathi

Pat Shultz

Betty Spano

Anita Summerour

Alice Von Saunder

Mel Willis

Peter Witzler

Rev. Jane Wood

Patricia Woodward

And Many More


Patrick is the only City Council candidate endorsed by FOP Lodge 117 Rockville.

FOP Lodge 117

More endorsements are arriving every day.

My name is last on the ballot, so please…

Vote for me first!

If you Support my Campaign...
please Donate - or - Volunteer.

Every Contribution Makes a Difference!
Call us: 240-620-5526

Vote 'Patrick Schoof' for Rockville City Council - - Tuesday, November 3rd!

By Authority: Friends to Elect Patrick Schoof; Catherine Rochette, Treasurer.